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Stop West Texas Gangs
El Paso gangs ‘ripping off’ each other, taking migrants from rivals’ stash houses, FBI says
April 22, 2022

EL PASO, Texas (Border Report) – Migrants are increasingly falling prey to kidnapping, extortion, and physical and emotional abuse in U.S. territory, as local gangs raid each other’s stash houses to force newly arrived foreign nationals to call relatives here or in their home countries so they can send money to their new captors, federal officials say.

“The FBI continues to see a shift of the extortion calls being directed towards undocumented migrants who have paid human smugglers to bring them across the border and toward their family members in the U.S.,” the FBI said in a statement. “They are quickly trapped in a very frightening nightmare as other human smuggling organizations are kidnapping them from the original smugglers’ stash houses and begin the process of extorting family members for their release.”